Snippets by women on 'why women'.

From a 16-year-old - "My parents won't allow me to go out with my friends after 7 PM, now the good part is that my parents know that I am not inferior, that it's not my fault that some guys who were not raised right, won't behave but the bad part is even after knowing all this all they would do is to blame the society and not take a stand for their daughter."

From a woman who works on night shifts - "I swipe my feed and come across news articles that carry the ruthless truth about our society, statistics that show just how unsafe this world is.
And I am done with pretending that I am strong because the truth is - I am terrified. Every time I read news about an assault my first thought is panic and fear and then I feel sorry for the victim for no one should ever go through something horrific like that and then I feel guilty for being so selfish, for panicking, for praying that please god - don't let something horrific like this ever happen to me. So I stop reading these news articles altogether, maybe to escape this feeling or maybe to escape reality."

From a woman who loves to travel - "I recall all the moments when I was little a girl of 6 when I used to sneak out of my house to buy candies from a shop that was two lanes away, I must say that I got lucky that I wasn't picked up by someone, it was by sheer luck that I am safe and yet I don't consider myself as lucky.
I am terrified..because I know that maybe someday I'll run out of this so-called luck."
From a woman who works in a cooperate- "A lot of my male friends have told me that they know they have ego issues, they know that women are often treated unfairly, that our society is biased. They acknowledge it yet they do nothing about it. People often forget that knowing a problem is not its solution, it is the first step towards the solution."

From a small-town girl - "My dadi is constantly worried that I am too opinionated, that I read too much, and speak out loud. She is worried that I can't cook. She is worried that my brother loves cooking. And it bums me out that for once she cannot look behind " the gender roles" set by our society. Well she is not the only one, is she?"

From a pregnant working woman -"It is not that every woman likes to work or every woman wants to be a homemaker. All we want is the freedom to choose if we want to be a homemaker or a working woman or both. For if I ever choose to be a housewife, society should not look at me as inferior and domestic or if I choose to work I should not be labeled as too ambitious or not feminine enough.
One should have the freedom to choose.
The same goes for men.
If a man likes to cook then society will pressurize him to choose a career in hotel management, to become a chef, to use his skills professionally. But if a woman likes to cook and is good at it, she instantly qualifies as a supreme bride material who will become an excellent wife and homemaker."

From an author who wants to write history from a woman's perspective- "I have often heard people blaming women for every problem, be it in the past or in present.
Cause women are used as tools to serve men and fulfill their purpose of life. It is in our culture, isn't it? Sita was kidnapped by Raavan because he wanted vengeance for her sister.
Draupadi was married to 5 Pandavas to protect them. They were merely used as a tool, yet history and we, blame them for starting the greatest wars...
And this is still practiced today. Want an alliance? marry a woman from that family. Blood lust for revenge? kill a woman from that family."

I am a 19-year-old student studying away from my home and I know even when you haven't been in all these roles, you know exactly what these women have gone through.
All I wanted was to show was why women often get agitated when someone says -gender discrimination doesn't exist, why women cringe when people blame them for not having a sense of humor when they take offense on little things, why women always think negatively or are extremely cautious about their surroundings.
Because we have been in those situations even though we haven't.

By - Vaidehi Chhaparwal