A note to my younger self

Dear naive and silly me, The first thing I want to tell you is that your life is going to turn out to be amazing- much more than you can ever imagine! I know you are afraid and insecure about all the things happening in your life currently but remember, this time will pass! And so will the good times that follow! You may think that everything will last forever- be it the good friends or the good times with them just like it does in the Disney movies but sadly, it’s not true! I am sorry to break your little bubble but you have got to accept the fact that things do change! People change, situations change and you will change too! Because change is the only constant! And you will also learn that there is no such place called forever! But through all this time; through your ups and downs and highs and lows, I just want you to wear that carefree smile of yours! I tell you that there will be times when you will be hurt and broken and you won’t know who to trust and who not to! You will feel that the pain is unbearable but trust me, it’s not! You are stronger than all of this! You are stronger than all the loud noise at the back and you are stronger than your darkest nightmares! Your flaws and fears will never define who you are! And over time you will learn to acknowledge them, accept them and be proud of them! Because you will stop striving for perfection as your imperfections will not disappoint you anymore! They will only make you more confident and content! You will stop expecting too much from people, circumstances and yourself! Because as they say, expectations only lead to disappointments! You will only find bliss in detachment! You will realise that you don’t have to be just one person- you can colour yourself in as many different hues and shades you can imagine! You can be smart and also fun, you can be sweet but also sarcastic, you can lead but you can also take a backseat when needed! You don’t have to be what people want you to be because you are way beyond all that! You will not let people put you in a box or label you! You only have to be who you want to be! You will learn to say ‘no’ to all the things that don’t appeal to you and you will learn to believe in yourself and your opinions about life! You will understand that speaking your mind is not wrong but it’s not the right thing to do every time! You will realise that having an ego does no good in life and it only messes things up! So you’ll learn to adjust and adapt! You will also learn that you have to give importance to people who keep you on top of their priority list because they are the ones who will be willing to take a knife for you! You will have to learn to take time out for them because they are the ones who took time out for you even when they had no second to spare! So value them and always keep them close to your heart and never ever let them go! And along with that you will also understand that you can never keep everyone happy! And it’s okay! Just make sure that you are happy in this beautiful journey because after all that’s what matters the most! And just don’t forget to make memories because they will be the ones that make you smile when you know you are about to cry! So just relax and enjoy because your life is going to be beautiful and fun and all you need to do is fasten your seatbelt for this crazy roller coaster called LIFE!

Still naive and silly me who just understands the word ‘life’ a bit better now!

By - Maanya Shah