I have a story to recite,
Oh, dear mighty,
Once upon a time,
when we gave our mother evil hopes,
in a greed of more than just living or dine.

The pits of the garage surrounded the land,
We had zero empathy with the humanity buried under the sand.
We held gadgets more often we held love in our hands,
We had bigger houses to live in,
but smaller hearts,
The rich became richer,
The poor became poorer.
How brutal of us to neglect the world,
Just to maintain the pace of earn, earn, and earn.
The independence among people increased,
and the ancestral bond decreased,
friends over family became the new priority.

Now is the time when we are on edge,
And the Earth is taking her own revenge,
With starvation and isolation all around,
wearing masks on faces and not beneath their shroud,
Man's realisation has finally come to the ground.

Oh, dear mighty,
I strive for a world that is yet not mine,
The flowers are once again dancing,
Polluted rivers are finally romancing.

Animals roar,
as they roam,
but this time,
without any fear,
freely on the roads.
Birds are chirping,
with freedom and happiness swirling.
I see trees all around,
greeny and bushy are what they sound.
Rainbows are again up in the clear sky,
With almost zero mankind,
The Earth is healing,
Does man wonder, how and why?

for those who wonder things won't be this sober,
are doing the greatest blunder.
Think again.
Wonder again.
Think twice.
Wonder thrice.
Wasn't what we considered normal, actually a black verse?
We blame a virus as it ate us,
but isn't it a boon that we all deserved as a curse?

Oh, my dear friend,
Our pre-corona existence wasn't normal,
Where we normalized,
Greed and Inequality,
Extraction and discrimination,
Depletion and Deforestation,
And rather built nations and nations,
With this endless list of such deviations.
No wonder,
You and I,
Him and her,
They and them,
and the world,
didn't know the real worth of the word 'patience',
and a little bit of 'satisfaction'.

And as lately as someone said,
We're being given an opportunity,
to stitch a new garment,
One that fits all the mankind, the nature, and every other department.

And this time,
I solicit us,
to choose wisely,
for we humans have been gifted
with another chance,
to not choose mankind over humanity.

My dear world,
this time,
if we don't feel the issue at hand,
the aspect at stake,
is the destruction of a man.

By - Ananya Jain