A Small Tribute To Books

Friends, Readers, bookworms, lend me your ears.
Even when you read this line you hear a male captivating voice of Marc Antony who is about to say something you deeply feel about.

This isn't about unaccepting the digital styles of reading, for any kind of reading is a delight and a unique feeling in itself but this is just a small tribute to the traditional style of reading, to the bundle of pages that introduce us to stories that change our lives, this is just a small tribute to Books.

Here are some things that every book lover swears by-
We choose flipping pages over swiping slides,
Reading in dim yellow light instead of night mode in tablets, anytime
We like the smell of books like the scent of the earth after it rains,
And we all dream about owning a small library in our homes someday. And now you're smiling.

This is the magic of books.
Every time we hold a book in our hands, we hold someone's life. It can be their work or their story but we know this thing for sure, that it is precious.
When we move our eyes along its lines we hear different voices saying dialogues that express every emotion in an intense style. We imagine that world like we are a part of it for when we close the book the stories forever run in our mind.
And how can we ever thank books enough for bringing us closer to each other? When we exchange books we exchange a part of ourselves with those stories, you get to know a person from a whole different perspective when you read the lines that they have marked in their books. And this is not just about fiction and novels. Even as students, when we hold our textbook we become a little more determined to not be distracted and to understand what's written even if it requires us to sleep with those textbooks under our pillows!

I wish someday I'll write a book about thanking books for making our lives simple yet complicated but for now I thank books for letting me live a hundred lives in this little precious one that I am living.

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By - Vaidehi Chhaparwal.