An Easy Alternative

College is that experience of our life where we enter as a young ambitious mind having gigantic aspirations with vague ideas to conquer them; and leave that place with a concrete plan of action and right skillsets to achieve those milestones.

Those 3-4 years of transition teaches us a lot of real life critical skills like communication skills, teamwork and personal finances to name a few.

While being in college most of us are financially dependent on pocket money from our parents and we try to make the most optimum use of it to be able to watch that one extra movie or to save for that Goa trip which will probably never happen, but it always make sense to save for it though.

Always remember this famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. Well there’s a bigger challenge that most of us face while in college than being financially independent is to clear those semester exams without any backlogs in first attempt to become financially stable in the long run.

As the exams approach near and are just a fortnight away, we start losing our nerves and start realizing the promise of acing the next semester we made to ourselves after we flunked the previous semester.

As soon as the sense of realization starts hitting us, we start rushing to gather the notes from toppers and faculties, rush to nearby stationery shops to buy the expensive set to books and to photocopy all the important notes and previous years papers.

This last minute rush always makes the task of arranging resources for the exams very time-consuming as well as expensive and it directly affects our marks as well as pockets.

If you’re also fed up of buying expensive set of books every semester only to realize you’re never going to touch it before the week preceding your exams and you’re also looking for a affordable and quick alternative to escape this hassle at the last moment ever semester, you must checkout EasyBooks where you can gather all the materials for a semester starting at a fixed price of INR 500 every semester. The best part is you don’t even need to step out of your house in these tough times and you can get all the materials at your doorstep at a click. You can quickly exchange or return the books as per your changing needs. I’m putting a direct link to their website for your convenience here Happy learning!

By - Ashish Agarwal.