Screen or Book

What should be the favored way of reading? Screen reading or book reading? Isn't this the question that all of the students out there are aspiring to know.

Well, Reading is highly advantageous to everyone, it doesn't matter what you are reading, reading is a must part. so coming back to whether read from screen or book.

Reading from the screen is also beneficial like you don’t have to rush to shops and spend money but at the same time harmful to eyes, the reader won't be able to read for long and will conclusively stop reading after some time. This doesn't happen when a person is reading from a hard copy that is a book.

A screen has also a limitation to the reader that only the screen size section is visible for reading; but in books readers can overview the whole book.

Books are always attached to humans from medieval times. A Reader can easily grab a book, relax on the sofa, and can read for long without any screen size limitation or strain to eyes.

I have one such experience that when I was in my first year of engineering I was not able to get the proper academics books. I went online and searched for a lot of study material, however I was not able to get the correct material. I also made reading as my hobby that time so I started reading online as screen reading but after time I stopped as it was hurting my eyes and I started buying books but it was being heavy on my pocket too and then blissfully I came across Easybooks.

Easybooks is a student venture for the students that provides a vast amount of textbooks for college purposes and also other readable books. For readers that crave reading these books are very much pocket friendly as we can easily exchange those books with the other books when we no longer need them and can go for new books.

By this means we can read and use books without the loss of our academic experience and can go for next semester books when we are done with the help of Easybooks. So never compromise your reading skills at any cost, do read daily and learn daily.

By - Heena Manchanda