Is the one time subscription fee of Rs. 2000 refundable?

The subscription fee is taken at the time of purchase of subscription. The books provided to students are worth Rs. 2000-2500. That is why, subscription fee is taken in advance and is not refundable.

Is delivery and collection free every time?

Delivery is free at the time of purchase and every semester thereafter. Delivery fee will only be charged at the time of exchange which is usually around Rs. 15-50. Collection and delivery of books Is free every semester.

Is there any charge for exchange?

No, exchange of books is completely free. You may have to pay a delivery amount of Rs. 15-50.

Are we allowed to write on books?

There is no strict rule regarding writing on books with pencil. But it is advisable for students to not write on books since it is not your property and you would also not appreciate if you receive a book with markings on it. Writing excessively with pens will be chargeable offense.

What if I lose or destroy a book?

In case of losing or destroying, student is accountable to either pay equivalent compensation or provide a new refurbished copy of the same book.

What if I don’t return my books at the end of semester?

Students are liable to return the books at the end of semester before they receive their new set of books. In case of non-adherence, legal prosecution may be undertaken against the student.

Can I rent novels and other non-academic books?

Novels and other non-academic books are not included in this subscription package. We will be adding a subscription package for this category very soon.

When do I have to return the books?

Students have to return the books right after their semester ends. You will be given various dates and times to choose from to return the books. In case of not being able to return the books inside given period, a small fine will be charged.

Is the price Rs. 500 or Rs. 750 for a semester?

you will be charged Rs. 500 every semester. You will also have to pay a subscription fee of Rs. 2000 at the time of purchase of subscription. Therefore, overall cost for a 4-year course comes out to Rs.750 and for a 3-year course Rs. 833.

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